Brooklyn Bridge. Eagle file photo by Mary Frost

Brooklyn Bridge. Eagle file photo by Mary Frost

Deep in the archives of the original Brooklyn Daily Eagle is an article written in 1884 on the Dutch town of Breuckelen by a “special correspondent” traveling through Holland.

In 1643, the Dutch settled in what is now Brooklyn and called the region “Breuckelen” settlement, named after the aforementioned town in the Netherlands.

Breuckelen was also the name of one of six villages that made up “Breuckelen.” That village is Brooklyn Heights today.

Brooklyn Historian, John B. Manbeck, wrote about and selected interesting excerpts from that article for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle back in 2010.

It’s been 132 years since that article was published, but it’s important nonetheless to recall the heritage of New York’s most populous borough and remember where it all started.

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