Modular units were stacked by crane. Photos by Mary Frost

Modular units were stacked by crane. Photos by Mary Frost

After years of proposed testing, New York City has finally tried out its post-disaster apartment pods that were built and developed by The New York City Office of Emergency Management.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle first reported on the building of the pods and on the planned testing in April of 2014.

This past Monday, The New York Times reported on the actual testing of the houses and on the living conditions inside the apartments.

These stackable, Lego-like pods, which were designed out of state and shipped into the city, would be used as temporary homes for displaced citizens in the event of a tragedy.

The key component behind these modular housing units is to keep neighborhoods intact and to allow occupants to live nearby their previous homes.

The five units are currently situated in Downtown Brooklyn near the United States District Court in an empty lot on Cadman Plaza East.

Although the pods would be temporary homes, they by no means look provisional.

The pods have luxurious amenities, such as wide kitchens, spacious showers with strong water pressure, and they even come equipped with a French press for coffee.

In the event of a disaster, the pods would hypothetically be deployed in areas susceptible to flooding like Red Hook and Sheepshead Bay. Possible locations in Red Hook include the Ikea or Fairway parking lots that are on higher ground.

Although currently located in Brooklyn, the pods could be shipped to anywhere in the country in need of temporary housing after a disaster.

Forty-six city workers and a New York Times reporter have already spent a week with their families living inside the pods.

The city’s testing program will run through next November.

After that point, city officials hope FEMA can examine the pods at the organization’s own testing site in Maryland.

Although the pods are surprisingly comfortable and chic, let’s hope they aren’t put to use any time soon.

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