Work trucks sit at the corner of Montague and Henry. Passersby could see the road torn up in front of 114 Montague St. Brooklyn Eagle Photos by Francesca N. Tate

The sound of jackhammers and loud trucks Monday night at around 9 p.m. brought Brooklyn Heights residents out to complain and take photos of the construction activity with their phones.

Several trucks were stationed along the span from the intersection of Montague and Clinton streets westward all the way to the Promenade. The construction tore up the road in that four-block area.

Workers politely answered questions from neighbors— including this photographer— on whether the work being done was emergency utility repair. The workers explained that they were instead repaving Montague Street. They started their shift at 9 p.m. finished as expected at around midnight. They also said that Montague was the first street to be worked on this week.

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