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Pictured: A non-obstructed view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Promenade via a rendering of Pierhouse with its agreed 100′ height cap. The Historic Districts Council says that as built, the hotel parcel is actually 35 percent taller. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation disagrees.
Rendering courtesy of Rogers Marvel Architects .

The Historic Districts Council (HDC) of New York on Feb. 17 issued a statement endorsing the Save the View Now campaign, which is fighting to keep the Pierhouse hotel/condo project in Brooklyn Bridge Park below the 100-foot height cap negotiated with park officials in 2005.

“HDC supports our neighborhood partner, Save the View Now (STVN), who is dedicated to preserving the iconic views from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and surrounding environs,” the statement read.

Following the newly announced support of the HDC, both the Brooklyn Heights Association (BHA) and STVN issued statements to the Brooklyn Eagle.

“We are very gratified that STVN is being endorsed by our colleagues at the Historic Districts Council,” BHA Executive Director Judy Stanton said.

Steven Guterman of STVN said the organization is “pleased” with the new supporter’s decision.

“As we dig deeper into the park planning documents, it becomes clearer and clearer that Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation’s position that the Pierhouse building is in compliance with the project documents and agreements made with the community is implausible and fundamentally flawed,” Guterman said.



The Historic Districts Council included this diagram in their endorsement of Save the View Now’s campaign.
Image courtesy of

Although the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation — the agency in charge of the Pierhouse development — has stated that the building itself will be kept to the 100-foot limit, mechanical equipment on the rooftop has added an additional 30 feet. Advocates say the extra 30 feet compromises the view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Promenade.

“The Pier 1 development maintains all officially protected Promenade views, is consistent with designs presented to the community to favorable response in 2013, and will provide critical funding to keep the park safe and well-maintained for millions of visitors for years to come,” a Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation spokesperson said, regarding the HDC’s support of STVN.

The extra 30 feet for the rooftop mechanicals is in compliance with local zoning regulations, but the special height cap for this project overrides local zoning, the HDC stated in its press release. The council argues that because of this, the building, including the mechanicals, must be kept to the 100-foot cap to remain in compliance with the negotiated limit.

The HDC goes on to urge residents to sign the STVN petition “to the governor, mayor, Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation and the Brooklyn Borough President to return the construction of Pierhouse to be consistent with the original, approved plan.”

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—Compiled by Brooklyn Heights Press staff

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