Day of Public Awareness to publicize new speed limit


BP Eric Adams (second from left) joined DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg (center) and DOT’s Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Keith Bray (right). Photo courtesy DOT

Borough President Eric Adams wants Brooklyn drivers to be aware of the upcoming lowering of the city’s speed limit from 30 mph to 25 mph – before it becomes official on Nov. 7.

As part of a citywide Day of Public Awareness, Adams joined NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) officials to hand out flyers in Downtown Brooklyn on Thursday.

Adams, Commissioner Polly Trottenberg and DOT’s Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Keith Bray stood on Court and Joralemon streets “to let Brooklyn know we must drive 25 to stay alive, starting on 11/7,” he tweeted.

Street teams alerting motorists to the change were stationed at more than a dozen locations during the day.

The lowering of the “default” speed limit is a key component of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero plan to end traffic-related death and injuries.

There were 291 traffic fatalities in New York City last year, the mayor said on Monday.

“That’s almost as many people lost to traffic fatalities as were lost to murder last year in New York City. Approximately 4,000 people were injured last year in traffic incidents. Being struck by a vehicle is the second leading cause of injury-related death for seniors and is the leading cause for children under 14. So it’s unconscionable to let this status quo continue.”

De Blasio said that pedestrians struck by cars traveling 25 miles per hour are half as likely to die as those struck at 30 miles per hour. “So it’s very important that we understand – this change in just 5 miles per hour makes a fundamental difference in people’s lives.”

Thomas Chan, the chief of the NYPD’s Transportation Bureau, said on Monday that the department wouldn’t be targeting drivers going 26 or 27 m.p.h.

“But again, the officers, the NYPD will be prepared to enforce the new speed limit.”

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