Finn, a Border Collie mix, is quite talented, and can even play the piano. Eagle photos by Rob Abruzzese.

Who let the dogs out?

The Brooklyn Heights Association’s (BHA) fifth annual dog show was one of many highlights of Sunday’s Montague Street Summer Space festival, a day of outdoor fun hosted by the Montague Street Business Improvement District. While kids played chess and local stores offered promotions, a crowd of more than 300 gathered to watch the neighborhood dogs strut their stuff.

“We started the centennial year with the dog show and it was such a hit that we just decided to keep doing it,” said Judy Stanton, the executive director of the BHA. “This is really a dog-friendly neighborhood. So many people have dogs, so how could we not keep this going? It’s just gotten more popular every year.”

There were 10 different categories in the show, including Best Kisser, Most Obedient, Most Precious Petite, Talented Trickster, Most Magnificent, Sweet Talker, Most Lovable Large, Who Wore it Best, Fashionista and the ultimate prize — Best in Show.

“People really love this because the dogs in this show are not necessarily famous dogs; they’re from the neighborhood,” said George Jagatic, the master of ceremonies for the dog show. “Plus, there are such wonderful categories. They’re really fun, unique and special. Everyone loves a dog, no matter what kind it is, and here there are categories for every kind of dog.”


Peanut poses with his owner, George Jagatic, who was also the emcee of the fifth annual Montague Street Summer Space Dog Show.

Best in Show went to a familiar face — Finn, who belongs to Rachel Lipson. Finn knows a number of impressive tricks and can even play the piano; it is no surprise that this was the second time Finn has won, as he took home the same award in 2012.

“There really is no secret to winning,” Jagatic said. “The winners seem almost random, but if your dog can play the piano, there is a good bet that he’s going to win.”

With hundreds looking on and cheering, some dogs experienced stage fright. Amanda Tree, whose dog Lydia won Kisser Extraordinaire, said that her trick was just having a very loving dog.

“Lydia is still very young, so she won’t jump over hurdles or do a lot of tricks, but it was apparent to me that her most distinguishable characteristic is that she’s so loving,” Tree said.

Here is the list of winners:

Kisser Extraordinaire: Lydia, owned by Amanda Tree.


Want a kiss from Lydia, the Blue Roan English Cocker Spaniel? All you have to do is ask.

Most Obedient: Pete, owned by Meredith Pleasant.


Pete, a Puerto Rican-born black lab mix wearing a Brooklyn Nets jersey, with Scott McDowell.

Most Precious Petite: Mr. Handsome, owned by Catherine St. John.


Mr. Handsome, a Pekingese dog with owner Catherine St. John, won the Most Precious Petite award.

Talented Trickster: Finn, owned by Rachel Lipson.

Most Magnificent: Gatsby, owned by Lily Lapiner.


Gatsby, a Standard Poodle owned by Lily Lapiner, won the Most Magnificent award.

Sweet Talker: Phoebe, owned by Connie Monahan.

Most Lovable Large: Edie, owned by Ellie Martin.


Edie, a Bernese Mountain Dog, with owner Ellie Martin, won the Most Lovable Large award.

Who Wore it Best: Hannah, owned by Keiko Matsumura.


Hannah, owned by Keiko Matsumura, won the Who Wore it Best award.

Fashionista: Gremlin, owned by Karen Apicella.


Gremlin, a pug owned by Karen Apicella, won the Fashionista award for his Thing 2 costume.

Best in Show: Finn, owned by Lipson.

The Summer Space festival also included chess demonstrations and practice tables (courtesy of the Brooklyn Eagle), live music and performances, food from local restaurants and special promotions from local stores.

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