german artists flag brooklyn bridge

Two German artists have claimed responsibility for replacing the American flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge with white ones on July 22. AP photo.

Two German artists have claimed responsibility for the white flags that mysteriously appeared on the Brooklyn Bridge last month.

Mischa Leinkauf and Mattias Wermke said Tuesday they removed the bridge’s American flags and posted the white flags early July 22 in celebration of public art. They say July 22 marked the 145th anniversary of German-born bridge architect John August Roebling’s death. They say they’re returning the American flags.

Police say they’re aware of the artists’ statements but won’t say whether investigators had identified them as suspects before they came forward.

Deputy Commissioner Stephen Davis says the investigation is continuing. He says detectives are trying to determine if more than two people were involved in the flag switch.

The artists first made their claim of responsibility to The New York Times

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