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Sam Falls, Untitled (Light Room B), (detail), 2014. Image courtesy of Public Art Fund.

At the entrance to “Sam Falls: Light Over Time,” an upcoming exhibition at MetroTech in Downtown Brooklyn, visitors can leave an imprint on a bench made of glass tiles that change their bright colors in response to body heat.

“Sam Falls: Light Over Time,” which features five new artworks that encourage the participation of visitors, will be on view beginning July 30 through May 29, 2015. The exhibition, presented by Public Art Fund and Forest City Ratner Companies (FCRC), will explore the effects of the natural environment and time on the materials and forms of the work.

Visitors will encounter small white structures with marbled glass “roofs.” As the sun moves across the sky, the space inside will be bathed with light.

Falls’ colorful oversized wind chimes can be activated by visitors or tinkle brightly on a gusty day. Every chime represents a note, allowing visitors to create unique melodies.

The artist’s take on the seesaw, in which rain and snow will collect in buckets at each end of the central plank, looks to the weather to change its function.

And at the center of the exhibition is Falls’ maze sculpture, which encourages visitors to explore the treed, central space. Created from vibrant aluminum panels, the colors of the maze will shift as the work is exposed to the sun.

Falls works in diverse mediums, from sculpture and fabric to photography and painting. This is his first major commission in New York, as well as his first outdoor exhibition in the city.

“Falls’ work invites audiences to physically engage with it, while considering the conceptual underpinnings of its making,” said Public Art Fund Associate Curator Andria Hickey, who curated the exhibition. “The appearance and experience of the work will change as each object reacts to the elements over time.”

FCRC and Public Art Fund have been presenting exhibitions at this site for more than twenty years. David L. Berliner of FCRC said, “This exhibition will provide yet another draw for visitors and an opportunity for residents to interact with culture in the borough.”

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