vincent caradonna chocolate works manager

Bonjour, Brooklyn Heights: French chocolatier Vincent Caradonna is in charge at Chocolate Works. Photos by Lore Croghan.

Welcome to Montague Street, Willy Wonka.

Or perhaps we should we say, Bienvenue, mon chef.

Brooklyn Heights’ new chocolate factory is opening Thursday – and its chocolatier, who devised the recipes for 32 different types of truffles and makes the candy himself, is a French pastry chef who grew up in Paris and Geneva.

“Chocolate is a passion of mine,” Vincent Caradonna, 25, told the Brooklyn EagleWednesday, as he made the final preparations for Thursday morning’s opening of Chocolate Works at 110 Montague St. “I put a lot of myself into the making of the truffles.”

The charming little factory where the Williamsburg resident whips up his artisanal chocolate has a light-filled room with a patio out back where kids or grownups will be able to throw parties where they learn to do a little chocolate-making themselves.

shomi avdoo chocolate works franchisee

Meet franchisee Shlomi Avdoo.

The Eagle got a sneak preview of the glam new shop – whose kitchen has two melting tanks, each holding 200 pounds of liquified chocolate for candy-making.

The fresh-made truffles sell for $18 for a box of 12, or $54 for 36 truffles – one of each kind with some extras for good measure.

There are 14 types of chocolate-covered pretzels and five types of chocolate-dipped Oreos.

So much for that summer diet.

Franchisee Shlomi Avdoo, 40, said he gained 10 pounds from sampling Caradonna’s creations prior to the store’s opening.

“He killed any chance of my having six-pack abs this summer,” Avdoo said.

By the way, shoppers who check out the chocolate factory on opening day will get to dip marshmallows in a chocolate fountain and chocolate-coat pretzels in a “robing” machine.

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