Photo by Lore Crogan

Photo by Lore Croghan

Willie Wonka is heading to Montague Street

By Lore Crogan

If only that were chocolate coming out of that truck chute!

It’s just cement – but that’s a good thing too as far as Brooklyn Heights candy lovers are concerned. The hard-working crew at 110 Montague St. was using it Thursday to turn an empty store front into a chocolate factory called Chocolate Works.

Did we mention that chocolate will be sold here?

Cocoa-dusted chocolate truffles are a specialty of this gourmet candy maker headed by CEO Joe Whaley, whose family biz 5th Avenue Chocolatiere has been around for four decades. He’s an Iraq veteran who served with the famed Fighting 69th.

The franchisee who’s building Willie Wonka’s new home got construction permits last month. Here’s hoping the place is open in time for Valentine’s Day.

Besides the candy-shop crew, other store builders are busy on Montague St. The workers at what will be a tony Kiehl’s apothecary shop in Corcoran’s former ground-floor space at124 Montague St. left the door open Thursday.

Obviously, they’re just getting started in there. But we couldn’t resist a sneak peek.

Photo by Lore Crogan

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